Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let's talk about nieztche

Logical truth can only be carried through by falsification. Therefore any truth we tell is ultimately a lie. Because there is not one thing or thought that every single person on the planet can agree is factual, how can we justify truth? Nieztche says that the truth is a "false raised to a higher power." We take lies that we determine to be true and convince others that our thoughts are truth. If others believe us, than we ultimately succeed. If we fail, we are failing our truth. But in the end, we are believing or denying falsification because there is no concrete truth in the world. Man has searched, is searching, and will continue searching forever for a truthful world that is not self-contradictory, not deceptive, and does not change.
The theory of discovering truth and vailidating our thoughts and beliefs completely blows my mind. Though the theory makes total sense once you break it down, it's strange to think that any truth we firmly believe in is still an uncertain thought and concept.

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