Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's a Man's World

The roles of gender, sexuality, and leadership changes from decade to decade.  It seems as the years roll one after another, the boundaries bend and twist for gender and sexual equality.  James Brown sang a song called It's a Man's World back in 1966.  This song was a message that man carry the worlds on their back.  Men are the ones created everything that we use on this planet.  The song repetitively mentions that this world is ran by man, however, it would be nothing without a woman.

So what is the distinction between a man and a woman? The roles have definitely changed, but not reversed.  Although, it seems like it may be heading that direction in a couple more decades.  What used to mainly classify a man is well-built, masculine, had manners, well-dressed, clean cut, and a lot of other physical traits like that.  Now, the music industry has played a huge factor in how men today dress and act. It's acceptable now for men to wear skinny jeans and a solid pink shirt.  It is almost like guys who try to act masculine look feminine.  The same goes for females.  It is acceptable for women walk around in sweats and hoodies, wear baseball caps, and have vulgar language like a sailor.

It is common to hear jokes about Justin Bieber.  This jokes make fun of him explaining he is not a man, because he wears skinny jeans and has long hair.  The biggest reason is when he started in the business, he had not gone through puberty, and his voice was high pitched like a girl's.

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