Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Social Effect on Sexuality

            As we study the concept of queer theory, I find it interesting that culture defines sexuality.  In the US, we have developed stereotypes for men and women: a man is supposed to be tough, not show emotions, and provide for the family, while a woman is expected to be sensitive and care for the children.  Little boys should play with cars or spend time outdoors, and little girls are supposed to like dolls or pink.  When a person doesn’t fit into that stereotype for male and female, we instantly assume that person must be homosexual.  Women are allowed to have close relationships, but if two guys are seen sitting too close or acting a certain way, they are suspected of homosexuality.
            A few friends of mine, all guys, have a close relationship and spend most of their time together.  I’m sure people at Bob Evans or Walmart have made assumptions due to their antics, but I know for a fact none of them are gay.  It’s not fair that we have structured these stereotypes and judge others based on the ideas we have about what a male or female should be.  

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