Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sexuality in the Closet

            In today’s society we can see that sexuality creates certain gender roles. Females are supposed to look clean and pretty, act loving and nurturing, and the dirtiest job they must do is washing dishes and laundry. On the other hand, males are supposed to be rough and strong, act brave, and complete all the dirty and heavy lifting tasks.

            One way to analyze gender roles is through wardrobes. In the political arena I believe women receive more scrutiny. They must find a middle ground between revealing and conservative. They must also be professional and lady-like. For instance, a woman running for office is criticized if she wears pants every day. Pants can be worn, just not every day.

            Males can receive similar criticism in other areas. For instance, it is expected for a woman’s clothes to be fit, and it is even acceptable if the clothes are tight. Conversely, males are scrutinized if they wear tight clothes. This is expressed in New Boyz song Cricketz.

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