Sunday, March 24, 2013


When looking at the theories of feminism and sexuality it is impossible to see them outside the context of power. According to Faucault power is not something that an individual owns but is rather someone to be wielded or exercised. In the opening chapter of the History of Sexuality Faucault discusses the actions of the Catholic Church to limit the influence of sex and desire by requiring its member to give confession of such intimate detail. However, instead of curtailing desires of the flesh it opened them up to greater discussion. In developing this discussion, power has moved from institutions of authority to individuals. 

Today we can see by the hundreds of examples around us from youtube videos, chick flicks, rom coms, literature, artwork and Disney that the discussion is alive and well. It had exploded across the world to become a major part of our identity in how we reflect with ourselves, with our gender, and with society as a whole. It is no longer something to be hidden away and ashamed of which has fundamentally changed the discourse of sexuality.

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