Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vampiric Classes

Class has a very large imprint upon the structure of the books "House of Night". House of night is a series of Novels and Novellas. The books start with a normal high school class structure that is well known by most people. And then the class becomes even more noticeable. Once Zoey Montgomery was Marked, the author shows us a huge other class system in this world, that humans choose to ignore.

The Vampiric classes of Priestesses and Masters, the Changed, and Consorts. The Priestesses and Masters are the rich, bourgeoisie type of people. They are very influential, have power given to them, and are looked up to and usually respected. The Changed are people who have completed the change to Vampires. They are the middle class, proletariat type of people. They are people who have influence, but not much. They are normal hardworking type of people who show respect to the Priestesses and Masters. The Consorts are what would be thought of as slaves to the Priestesses and Masters. The Changed are disgusted by them. Yet the Priestesses and Masters all have one and use them for many different purposes.

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