Monday, February 11, 2013

A horse is a horse

Horse people are one-of-a-kind people that the rest of the world does not completely understand. This interpretive community, like many others, is not something a person can just jump into either, though most of the population believes they can. Look at the fashion world. Today, I can wear my riding boots and jodhpurs (riding pants) in public without anyone saying a word. Turn on the television and you'll see celebrities like Kim Kardashian wearing the same thing (but arguably not authentic).

Being a part of the equine community, my favorite is when people go on a trail ride once or twice and consider themselves expert horse people. Hello?! You were riding in shorts and tennis shoes on a horse that knows nothing but "follow the leader." When your shoe gets caught in the stirrup and you get dragged, don't go complaining about how it was the horse's fault.

People in the horse community use the terms foal, filly, colt, gelding, stallion, mare and pony in the correct context and are also aware that ponies and miniature horses are not the same thing.

I could write an entire novel on the equine interpretive community, but I think you get the idea. Welcome to my world!

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