Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cool like Chernobyl

Interpretive communities. I've observed this on a number of occasions. Wow, that sounded so robotic. I gotta stop watching Bones before doing homework. Back to the subject, I look around at my friends occasionally and wonder why each group works. In my mind, I dissect as to why certain friends wouldn't get certain friends. I think about how each group has their dynamic.

Group A) From last summer. All female. Definite fun dynamic. Confidants. All of our jokes are about sex and Fifty Shades of Gray. Grey? Ehh, I won't grace that a double check. This community understands my love life and we discuss openly the painful and terrible things in our lives. There's a huge amount of trust. I wouldn't trade this group for the world.

Group B) Newly formed. Half male and female. There's an artistic nature to this group. I'm reminded of what Jack Kerouac said about young people not having a proper talk about souls before submitting to sex. Not that we're having sex but rather that we often end up in soul searching conversation. This group is not afraid to analyze the deeper things that happen around us. I love this group so much, because I feel like we're going to change things. In twenty years, we'll be meeting for coffee in some over priced cafe in NY. All of us successful and still ready to theorize about the newest thing on our minds. I wouldn't trade this group for the world either.

Both of these groups are amazing people that I adore. They sometimes interact with each other but mostly they exist in different parts of my life. One group wouldn't understand the other's jokes. They wouldn't understand why we keep talking about certain things and don't talk about others. They're two different communities and to understand them you have to be a part of both of them. I imagine that someone hearing our conversations would be somewhat horrified and amused. There's a heavy amount of coded language involved. It's that language that separates the two. It's what makes them two different communities.

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