Saturday, February 9, 2013

Math Interpretative Community

Everyone should be able to guess the interpretative community of the following pictures, but I am not sure that everyone will belong to it. These are math jokes that are probably only entertaining if you belong to a math interpretative community.

Explanation: the square root of negative one is an imaginary number and π is an irrational number.

Explanation: The symbol for the square root of negative one is i, 23 is 8, means sum, and π is the symbol for pi. Therefore, it says, "i 8 sum pi" or "I ate some pie". 

 "Aleph-null bottles of pop on the wall, Aleph-null bottles of pop, Take one down, and pass it around, Aleph-null bottles of pop on the wall" (repeat).

Explanation: Aleph-null the symbol for the number of elements in the set of natural numbers. However, the set of natural numbers has an infinite number of elements, so the song would just continue to repeat. 

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