Saturday, February 9, 2013

Soccer Girl Problems

Little moments throughout the day can often associate with athletic references and experiences. My teammates and I often refer to these occurances as "soccer girl problems." We make connections to particular moments in the day that relate to our experiences with playing soccer. Often, one might say a phrase; hesitate, then the smirking "soccer girl problems" follows. This phrasing has even become popular on social networks like twitter. The account, @soccergirlprobs is actively posting tweets and retweeting to reinforce this interpretive community. For example:

@soccergirlprobs-"The amount of soccer cleats I've kept might classify me as a hoarder #SGP"

@soccergirlprobs- "Not wanting to nap in your bed with sweaty clothes but also being too tired to change #preseason #soccergirlproblem"

Just the other day, when going to the gym, I was walking with my agility ladder in hand. One of my friends looked at the ladder and said, "Whoah, where'd you get that." I replied, "a Christmas present." She smirked, "soccer girl problems."

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