Monday, February 4, 2013

Emotion and Originality.

T.S. Eliot takes all of his points and encompasses poetry. I have been focusing a lot on my poetry lately and have found many similar characteristics with my writings and the way I write.

T.S. Eliot says that poetry is not the intensity of emotion but the intensity of the process by which the art takes. In the past I had a very good knack at writing really bad angsty poetry when I was either pissed off or super depressed. But while I put more focus into my poetry the past few years I have realized that my pieces are much better when my mood is neutral and I'm more intense with the process than the subject.

T.S. Eliot also speaks on his idea of originality. I do not see any originality in my poetry. I have been very influenced by ideas and forms and culture that everything I write can be traced to some other piece or to a significant event.

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